V-Maxx Adjustable Damping Coilover Kit
V-Maxx Adjustable Damping Coilover Kit - BMW 4 Series F32 Coupe - RWD
V-Maxx Adjustable Damping Coilover Kit  BMW 4 Series F32 Coupe

V-Maxx Adjustable Damping Coilover Kit - BMW 4 Series F32 Coupe - RWD


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V-Maxx Coilovers

With on-vehicle ride height adjustment and factory-set damping, the ride height can be easily adjusted allowing you to achieve the ultimate stance. Damping is preset by V-Maxx to give the best balance between sporty handling and ride comfort for fast-road driving with over 20+ click levels of adjustment.

Height adjustment Front 40 - 75 mm

Height adjustment Rear 30 - 75 mm

V-Maxx Coilover Features

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • TUV Quality approved
  • CNC machined production for superb quality
  • Made to strict DIN EN ISO 9001-2001 Standards
  • Springs Powder coated to prevent corrosion
  • Zinc plated satin silver finish
  • Firm sporty ride quality
  • 30% damping (Fixed Rate Coilovers) or click adjustable damping (V-Maxx XXtreme)


Fits BMW 4 Series F32 Coupe all rear wheel drive models.

About V-Maxx

V-Maxx performance products are selling in 65 countries worldwide and fast becoming a familiar name on the tuning scene. V-Maxx has won various awards over the last few years, such as being the only suspension brand to win in both the 2008 and 2009 Fast Car Awards.

The various team members behind V-Maxx have plenty of experience in the performance parts industry and are continuously bringing new kits to market.

The V-Maxx Coilover range has grown to over 500 applications so far, with more to come!

In addition to their high-quality control, V-Maxx also fulfils quality standards such as TUV.

Note: All kits come with TUV approval (unless otherwise stated in product notes).

Stated drop rates may vary,  plus 10 mm or minus 10mm (approx) dependent on vehicle spec, options, tolerances & age. E.g. pickup conversions, with more or less rear weight.

*Please note: After any ride height adjustment, we recommend checking the vehicle’s geometry and re-aligning if needed, using suitable equipment. Not doing so can result in uneven or excessive tyre wear, and in some cases even affect how the vehicle handles.

Based on the wheels fitted, some vehicles may need wheel spacers and also arch mods for fitment after lowering. Please check before ordering.

If you are unsure about the fitment of this V-Maxx Xxtreme Coilovers BMW 4-Series F32 VM kit, please email us if unsure.